6 Reasons For The Success Of Democracy

In the 21st century, there are various types of governance, from autocracy to monarchy, dictatorship to totalitarianism. There is no doubt that democracy is the most successful form of government. The following are the six reasons that are responsible for the success of democracy.

1. Democracy creates a government that represents the people

One of the reasons responsible for the success of democracy is that the people are truly represented. In a democracy, the voter is supreme as the people choose their representatives. When people vote for their leaders, they trust them. Democratic governments have the support of the people, though not necessarily their trust. This makes governance difficult, but often effective and fair.

2. Democracy promotes social equality

Democracy is a representative government. A representative government promotes social equality. The principle behind elections in a democratic society is that for one man is one vote. This means that in a democratic society, all men and women are equal. When all men are equal in a society, the society experiences peace. There will be no complains or agitation from any quarter. Peace is an important recipe for progress. A peaceful society is a progressive society.

3. Democratic governments are accountable to the people

When people elect the representatives, the relationship doesn’t end there. The representatives are accountable to the people who elected them. Accountability is a vital characteristic of democracy. In the absence of accountability, a government will be perverted. Accountability ensures that leaders keep their oath of office and fulfill their pledge to the people who voted them into power.

4. Democratic governments abide by the law

Democratic governments derive authority through legitimate means, consequently they abide by the law. This is an important characteristic that is responsible for the success of democratic governments. A government that abides by the law will refrain from human rights abuses and illegal acts. This will in turn lead to a peaceful and stable society which will lead to progress.

5. Change of government

One of the reasons why democracy is the most successful form of governance is that there is always a change of government. If a leader is bad, incompetent or inactive he or she will not lead the people indefinitely. Democratic governments have tenure limits which ensures that a capable leader can take over from an incapable leader.

6. Democratic governments promote free societies

In a democracy. every individual is free. A democratic government recognizes freedom of speech, freedom of association and all other fundamental human rights. Recognition of human rights enable individuals succeed thereby resulting in a successful society.

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