Is Competition Healthy Or Unhealthy?

Competition is healthy in the modern society. I don’t think many people would disagree with this, and we try to raise our kids playing sports, to get a healthy idea of what competition is and what it isn’t.

Unhealthy competition

However there are many types of unhealthy competition. Competition that forces people to do things that are against the law or forces people to be antisocial is bad competition. This may be a desire for competition that goes over and above the normal desire and forces people to believe that competition is the only way to live. These type of people believe that if they do not win, then I might as well not live. There is no way to live without winning for these people. And this drives them to unhealthy behaviors.

There is also a reason to believe that there is a bad competition in certain sectors of the market. For example in healthcare, competition may not be very healthy in most cases. Take the United States for example. They have a competitive healthcare system where healthcare professionals compete for Business. The problem is that people will pay anything that they are charged because health is the most important thing that a human being possesses. That is you can force someone to pay whatever you want them to pay if the alternative is death or a lifetime of sickness. When you have a situation like this prices keep rising and it’s very difficult for negotiations to take place on the cost of healthcare. Doctors begin making million dollar plus salaries, and the entire health industry is a burden on the country.

Healthy competition

In other sectors, where people have an option take part, competition can be extremely healthy and can promote progress. Businesses become more efficient, or they go out of business. Therefore good business people set up processes to continually improve the industry, and this can be very healthy for both the companies and the consumers.


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