How Sport Teaches Healthy Competition To Kids

Sports stimulate child growth and also leads to improved physical and emotional health. Research shows that physically active children are less exposed to suffer from blood pressure, diabetes, obesity. It keeps them fit and also helps improve their skills

Dr. Glyn Roberts from the University of Illinois have worked on sports role in children for the last two decades. He had emphasized that sport plays an important part in children learning.

Competition can build self esteem and it cannot be just handed over to children. Children develop self esteem through competition and sports is the best platform to enact competition in real life. The art of practice and training is also important in forming an adult fully engaged with the larger society. Here are some points on how sports can help develop healthy competition in children

Develop Self Esteem and Self Worth:

Studies have shown that sports help them reduce stress. It is also within the benefits of sports where a child learns about peer pressure and develops the habit of peer acceptance.

Better Social Skills:

Children who are good at sports are easily accepted by other children of their age and more likely to be leading teams. It helps them develop social skills and leadership skills. It helps them to make more friends.

Discipline and Determination:

Almost all sportsman encounter setback of failure in their life. The rewarding experience to keep momentum and to accomplish a goal requires them to adhere to schedule and strategic planning. Not surprising the discipline also helps them perform better in their academics. Building commitment is one other by product of being involved in sports

Accepting Criticism:

Seeing failure as an opportunity and accepting the responsibilities are infused in a sportsman. Children into sports learn that combined effort or team work lead to winning and one can also get encountered with a failure. If so, it is to be accepted with dignity and take lessons from it.

Goal Setting:

Children are given deadlines and there is regular progress check against the set goal target. This helps children develop a habit of valuing time and keep them focused to the end goal. Because of shared goals, sports also help children to bond.

Learn from Mistakes:

Sports teaches children to accept failure and work on the areas of improvement for future success.

Hard Work and Respect:

It also instill the behavior where children are taught to put their best effort without focusing at the end goal. What matters is the hard work and dedication which makes it or breaks it. Developing strategies and rules and further living within those rules to their advantage are great things about sports

Teaches Children to Take Calculated Risks:

Sports develop the confidence in children to come out of their comfort zone. It then removes the fear of risk. They are willing to take new challenges

Manage Nerves:

One can get agitated if pushed out of their comfort zone and sports bring those fear factors out. Once you are able to manage those butterflies, its a trait that you can take along while you are giving job interviews or presentations

So skills that are picked up while involved in sports have a great impact on the overall growth of the child.

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